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Journées d’étude 2017 sur les données personnelles

Summary of the International Workshop on Post-Mortem Data Privacy

This page provides a summary of the International Workshop on Post-Mortem Data Privacy that was held at the Institute of Communication Sciences (ISCC) in Paris on January 13th, 2017.

You will find the detailed program and presentation of this conference following this link.

Summary of the day

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Articles and documents shared by participants

9h45 - 11h15 : Presentations by members of the ENEID research project on post-mortem digital identities (moderated by Dr. Cléo Collomb)
Dr. Fanny Georges : Introduction
Dr. Nelly Quenemer : Exhibiting privacy. The media coverage of celebrities’ death in France conference image
MP3 - 19.9 Mo
Dr. Virginie Julliard : The production of post mortem digital identities on Facebook conference image
MP3 - 23.4 Mo
Dr. Hélène Bourdeloie : The future of one’s on-line digital traces. On the results of a study on on-line behaviours and digital eternities conference image
11h15 - 12h45 : The legal aspects of post-mortem privacy
Pierre-David Vignolle (BRM Avocats) : The legal framework of post-mortem data
Pr. Dr. Lilian Edwards : Against Digital Post Mortem Privacy ? conference image
PDF - 12.6 Mo
MP3 - 21.9 Mo
Edina Harbinja : Post-mortem Privacy 2.0 : (Re)conceptualising the phenomenon
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14h-14h45 : Dr. Attila Péterfalvi : Post-Mortem Data Privacy in the Experience of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information conference image
MP3 - 21.2 Mo
14h45-15h15 : Sophie Nerbonne, Head of Compliance at the CNIL conference image
MP3 - 21.4 Mo
15h20-15h40 : Raphaël Dana (LMBE Avocats) conference image
MP3 - 14.2 Mo
15h40-16h : Dr. Lucien Castex : The protection of post-mortem data : from identity to property rights

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