The COSTECH research team is developing an original interdisciplinary research programme at the crossroads between philosophy, social and human sciences, and technology. It aims at understanding, at all levels of complexity, the relationships between technical devices, knowledge and social dynamics : analysis of the technological constitutivity of human experience ; of the social, organisational and economic mutations of the contemporary world ; of the processes of innovation of products, of services or of organisation.

Around a common paradigm which is being progressively structured (situated cognition and enactive approach, technological constitutivity and the theory of the digital medium, dynamics of cooperation and the creation of value in networks), we are carrying out research :

- In Cognitive Sciences (CRED) : the bodily, social and technical conditions for the genesis of experiences which are instrumented and either individual or collective ;

- In Information and Communication Sciences (EPIN) : technological aids for interactivity in individual productions as well as media for debates and social coordination ;

- In Economy and Management (CRI) : new forms of economic and social coordination in the era of digital networks and cognitive capitalism.

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